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Dismissal from Employment

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This document, signed in Mehr 1358 [September 1979] by Mohammad Ali Raja'i, Minister of Education, is the official letter of expulsion of Mrs. Manijeh Hemmati, a teacher at Nezam Vafa High School, in the city of Arak.  The reason for her expulsion is explicitly stated as her religious beliefs as a follower of the Baha'i Faith.  The Minister of Education maintains that the presence of Baha'is in educational agencies is contrary to the high interests of Islam and presents it the cause of polluting and subverting the pure and innocent minds of students.  The salaries Mrs. Hemmati had received over the duration of her service is also declared as illegal.  

After the Revolution of 1957, Mohammad Ali Raja'i held other positions such as a Parliament Representative, the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister, and the second President of Islamic Republic of Iran.